About Engager

  • We believe people don’t have to be blackmailed into work.

  • People find meaning, purpose, value and self-worth in the work they do if they are engaged.

  • Employees and Leaders alike go the extra mile, are autonomous in their work and find fulfillment in what they do everyday.

  • With Engager, we can increase the number of engaged people worldwide and turn their work into their passion.

engager idea

We are tired of seeing people that don’t find meaning in their work, who are unsatisfied and their only “real” life is what’s happening outside of work.

We are driven by the challenge to solve how people in the knowledge economy work and how to get them engaged.

We know that if people are engaged at work (where they spend most of their active time), their overall quality of life is going to be increased. This means that not only them, but also their family, friends and connections will benefit from this and will be able to better enjoy their life.

We developed a unique and innovative approach to this challenge based on empirical research and have come with this awesome solution: engager.

Key People


Emil Vadana



Antonia Onaca

Research & Development


Vlad Muresan




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