FREE EBOOK: The Curious Case of Performance Reviews

Why are companies worldwide getting rid of performance reviews?
and what are they doing instead?

  • performance review ebook
  • Although performance reviews had their time of glory, even companies that were once famous for their usage started dropping them.

    Not only the way people work has changed during the last decade(s), but so did the companies and industries they belong to. Creativity, collaboration and leadership have become much more valuable than the physical abilities of workers. Also, the global market has become much more dynamic, making planning and forecasting much more difficult.

    In this ebook you will find:

  • Great examples

    examples from 39 companies all over the world that changed their performance review systems

  • Causes & Reasons

    the reasons behind the changes in their performance management systems

  • Alternatives & Actions

    alternatives for performance reviews and the actions taken after the change

  • Clear & easy read

    a summary of the most popular new techniques used in a clear, structured and easy to read material

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