Return on Investment

Plenty of studies show that work engagement and employee engagement correlates positively with great returns for the companies that put an emphasis on this.

A high level of work engagement correlates with more innovation, greater productivity and performance, better financial outcomes, more customer satisfaction, more quality, employee retention, wellbeing of the employees, health and safety, less turnover and absenteeism, and less business risk.
And these are observed not only in the private sector, but also in the public sector, where highly engaged staff reported that they believe they can have an impact on public services delivery or customer service.

Having a company with 2 employees or 500+ employees or 10 000 + employees means commitment to them so that you, together, work for a purpose well defined. More than this, having engaged employees means better service, better quality and better productivity. Yes, you were right to think that these all lead to a greater customer service and satisfaction. What happens when people around you are happy? They spread the happiness, or in business terms, the level of sales increases. This will inevitably lead to an increased level of profit and with this regard, the better share price appreciation and dividends paid for a higher TSR.

Here are some facts from studies and researches that show exactly what would your ROI on employee engagement be: