Why engagement matters?

The great thing about it is not that it is a condition for incredible performance.

The great thing about it is that engagement is the only way where companies and employees can finally have a win-win relationship without having one at the expense of the other.

Leaders and companies reached a state of helplessness regarding individual and team performance because current practices can only take us this far. A lot of leaders feel they need to drag people, feel they are fighting the windmills and feel there is nothing to grab on when it comes to performance but also with satisfaction. It is not the case anymore that people look at a job as a job, it is not the case anymore where you can throw money or benefits at the problem. Leaders don’t want to be the draggers anymore.

People realized that they spend more than half of their time (no sleep included) at work and are not willing anymore to trade half the life for the other half. They want to feel as humans at work too and some are really tired of being looked at as a resource being bought and sold. They know they like the work they do, they know they could like the work they do. They know they should enjoy the time and the effort spent at work.

Engagement is literally the only way where people and leaders and ultimately companies can have a fair and fulfilling relationship.